Web Trends of 2020

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Overall, the web design trends of 2019 are based on asymmetry, high-contrasts and colour gradients with unconventional proportions. Human illustrations are also in vogue. The whole thing is very much dominated by the "Mobile First" principle. Here, the web design is first oriented to smartphones and tablets and only in the second step to the desktop view. 

Web design trends do not come by chance. Rather, they develop in response to the constantly changing preferences and needs of your website visitors. In prior years, web design trends rightly focused on the "medium screen" with very practical elements such as flat design, e.g. Google's Material Design or Apple Design Resources, as well as the user-friendliness of mobile phone operation. In 2017, we saw the first web design concepts with bright colors and shapes that were supposed to have a more emotional and dynamic character. In 2018, web design trends were dominated by slants, colourful gradients and flat design with targeted shadows. Today I would like to introduce you to the 5 most promising web design trends. 

Webdesign Trend #1: High contrast colour gradients

High-contrast colour gradients will continue to have their "raison d'être" in 2019 and will certainly continue to increase. Color gradients are now very advanced and are evolving into more harmonious color palettes and a more subtle use than perhaps their first version. On the Gradient Hunt platform, for example, you can create your perfect gradient and download it as PNG. For some time now, gradients have been adapted and implemented by some of the largest companies. Remember the Instagram logo from 2016 or Apple Music. 

Webdesign Trend #2: Human Illustrations

Maybe 2019 is finally the year in which we will finally say goodbye to generically photographed, often kitschy stock photos with unauthentic-looking alibi office employees. The latest design trend to illustrate people uses exaggerated proportions and more humanly atypical colorings to create wonderfully unrealistic figures in the form of exciting illustrations. Regardless of whether the look is caricature or cubistic, creative interpretations of human figures across the web are likely to increase further in 2019.

Webdesign Trend #3: Abstract Geometry

Colorful 3D shapes, stains, brick sculptures or the like have become one of the dominant web design trends for 2019 and give the feeling of returning to your kindergarten or art class. Web designers and agencies are now only too happy to stack and overlap geometric shapes in a playfully abstract way to easily create attention-grabbing websites. This web design trend will stimulate the fantasies of your visitors and increase the positive association with your website. More creativity and openness included, especially for the digital economy such as agencies, designers and freelancers who earn their daily bread on the web. 

Webdesign Trend #4: Mobile First

The term "Mobile First" refers to the overall concept for web design and the conception of website design. The Mobile First concept provides that especially for smartphones and tablets optimized view is first developed and then successively additions take place. Thus the Mobile First strategy follows the trend that more and more visitors surf on your website with their smartphone or tablet and not mainly with their desktop computer or laptop as in the past. In the meantime, Google has also significantly increased the importance of Mobile First, since the world's leading search engine provider made Mobile Friendliness an important ranking factor in 2016 and later even the Mobile Index the primary index. Instead of the desktop version, the mobile version of your website has since been crawled primarily by the Google Bot. Thus the Mobile First concept may have massive effects, positive as well as negative, on your search engine optimization, which you should definitely consider when redesigning your website. Newer elements such as Voice Search, i.e. the search via voice input, as well as Website Speed, i.e. the performance of your website, continue to increase in importance regardless of current web design trends. You should consider these aspects in 2019 for the optimization of your web design.

Webdesign Trend #5: Website Speed

As briefly mentioned above, trends come and go year after year, whether in fashion or web design. In my opinion it's a good thing, because our business never gets really boring that way! The performance of your website is different there. It has become one of the most important ranking factors for Google - the search engine with the largest market share worldwide. Google now openly communicates how important the fast output of your website is in order to be listed accordingly high in the SERPs (search result pages). Accordingly, web design is only one of the necessary factors. In order not to go beyond the scope with the really big topic of website speed optimization and the page speed tests necessary for optimization.

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