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Flow Mapp

When developing a user experience strategy, we need to pay attention to structure, flow, and corresponding sitemaps, which are all at the foundation of UX.

Where so many tools out there try to combine UI and UX together into one platform, FlowMapp dedicates itself to the discipline of UX design. Building user flows and constructing visual sitemaps are indispensable for UX, and these are the pillars of FlowMapp’s UX design app.

Visual Sitemaps

VisualSitemaps specializes in generating visual sitemaps. It’s nice to have a tool designed specifically for this. This tool has complete automation, the capacity to go through password-protected websites that haven’t gone live yet, and the ability to import into Sketch. Visual Sitemaps takes the process of creating visual sitemaps for strategists, designer and developers or who ever needs to be involved with the process of creating them.


With a user friendly interface, Balsamiq makes it easy to create low fidelity wireframes. Even people with zero experience in wireframing could jump in and put together ones that look good. Balsamiq’s nod to the physicality of whiteboarding makes the tool accessible to anyone, no matter their skill level.

Optimal Workshop

Optimal Workshop has all you need to analyze usability, figure out information architecture, and test and evaluate design prototypes.

Optimal Workshop distinguishes itself in giving insights and providing in-depth data about users and how they interact with a design. This carefully curated UX platform offers tree testing with Treejack, first-click testing with Chalkmark, online surveys, and Reframer for doing qualitative research. Having these bundled together makes for a package of tools that any UX designer would find useful.


Wireframes don’t have to be complicated, and keeping them simple lets them communicate in a straightforward way how a design needs to be structured.

Wireframe.cc keeps their wireframing tools focused on minimalism. Intentionally limiting the color palette and using simple rectangular elements — along with an uncomplicated interface — lets UX designers construct a low fidelity wireframe in a snap. There’s even an in-browser demo you can use to see how it works.

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